Saturday, January 29, 2011

KLIA (f*king) express

screammmmm everybody! yes, the day is finally here! im in the airport (current location), alone of course, just had to go through a really rough day started with a cab that back out on me and the rain that basically makes me wet and now i've fell sick! fuck! what a way to start my day! and also i am all safe in the airport now having cafe latte in Cafe Barlera, whatever you called it, a good substitute coffee shop instead of Coffee Bean, and having my choco roll, yummy! i actually finished it before i even start to post this cs the wifi in the airport SUCKS. anyhoo, just that! im bored and sleepy, blame the weather that rain on me, shit! my camera's not with me now, sucks even more, so i guess the next time i'll update this blog, im going to be home already, Insyallah ehe. ok bye


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