Sunday, January 2, 2011

yet for another night

tonight, i have stopped my system from working as it seemingly has an inevitable process, i was hit by a huge,miraculous thoughts that have made me thinking. i'm overseeing the past few days ago, rather feeling like an empty egg shell, waiting to be crack and giving an entirety of emptiness to the world. my bones were as awkward as the breezing wind tonight, brushing through my hairs. my torso was aching so bad, i thought there will be a mortal being popped out from it as i tried to breath in and out like an extraordinary wander of passionate love.


i'm looking thoroughly towards how far have i walked through the journey of life. how i have made such an implausible memories and growing with pains and blissful adventures developing like a total up of tiny little succesful cloths. but i am still confused, 18 years now have really becoming like a glass filled with yellow milk, so good, so full, so creamy, it's a perfect sex.

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