Wednesday, January 5, 2011


god why don't you just kill me and take my soul? why would you want me to have high hopes on myself and didn't even notice me that no matter how hard i try, how far i've walked, i will still give an average performance! kenapa perlu beri aku bakat tapi masih di takat sederhana! tidakkah aku pernah cuba! i'm in no condition to question your power but i am dying by my own self-confidence. you are absolutely incredible that you've created a being that filled with life lessons and mistakes, no chances for me to taste a tiny bit of your decency. i am sorry ma and pa, band 3 isn't high enough for me and yes, i did said that the exam was pretty easy. untuk semua kakak aku yang dapat band 3 dulu, aku bersyukur tapi aku bukan macam kamu!

let me sleep for 24 hours now, i am thanking god if it's not human hours. terima kasih kepada diri aku yang bukan sahaja mendapat keputusan sem 1,3.02 tapi nampaknya, kau pilih untuk jadi sederhana dalam segalanya!

tipulah diri kau sendiri dengan berasa gembira dengan rakan kau yang mengatasi kau, sedarlah diri kau yang kau bukan seperti kau sangkakan. kau naif. kau bodoh. kau lembap. what's next in your i-want-to-be-a-failure plan besides achiving what you want which is failing? i may not be hearing myself now but i have put myself in a plan where all my life arrangement are well in order, but not anymore. it is everywhere else. handicapped. bye, x.

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