Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lecture Hall. Monday. Physics' period. Zzz

today was pretty random, suddenly i came up with the idea of bringing my camera to lecture hall. since it was just lectures so i guess there's no harm of bringing it and there goes my captured photos of the day. & btw, there's no particular people being taken photographs by me, it was just all random & i just took by surprise. Yaa was waiting for his hand-writing to dance for him haha
they were so serious talking about physic, i am so jealous.
& who's that? (our Physic's lecturer)
hai azah : kenapa garang? :(

For some like Sirhan, physic is important. but others.. mm taking photos are much awesomer haha
tick-tock-tick-tock on Afiq's forehead
she was so happy you can see it!haha
oh mirah & mamat

sorry if this was a bit random, after lectures we had our lunch in cafe & it was our mundane Nasi Campur meal (everyday like this) & today, i picked this dish & it was effing spicy & hot, as in the temperature! i was surrendered by the fifth spoonful of this magnificent of spiciness!

a little sometime alone

i had a little bit fun with myself last weekend with my portrait lens, Sunday seems to be the only day off of the week so i gave myself a little pleasure by going out alone since Ac has her day fully booked by her friend. Midvalley, that was place where all the crime scene happened. :)

Coffee Bean where the best Caffe Latte in the world is hidden.

this was in the cab headed back to college

study trip to National Art Gallery Malaysia

so last Friday, we had a study trip to Balai Seni Lukis Negara (BLSN). i miss that place, & so it hits the right moment to visit the place. the point of the trip was actually to see our tutors',Azam Aris, artwork which got selected as a Jurys Award in the recent Anugerah Bakat Sezaman competition. it's pretty major since he won $10K. apart from that, our lecturer sort of wants him to explain how he did the painting and such. he did the painting using glow in the dark paints & has two ways of looking the painting. too bad i can't take photograph inside of the gallery because all the artworks was just mind blowing :( so i only have these few photographs as rememberance.
few of my coursemates!
i miss the rain, it hasn't rain since i got here & so..

after that, me,Ac & Oney went to KLCC since it was just nearby. we had dinner in the food court & i had Subway's sandwich which wasn't last long til we got back college & we also ate desert in Desert's Bar which then again, ruined my whole appetite to eat & letting me starved further that night. the deserts was effing expensive & cost $7 for a small cup of latte & the cakes tasted like shit, yuck. disappoints me to know that the American Choc Cake tasted like paper with a pinch of salt. & we went back around 9pm or so.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

a little sneak peak..

...of my newly painted room,you can hardly see the Oyster Grey color from this picture but mind you,the new paint made my room more cozier & colder. sorry for the unfinished wall painting i promised to do it during the holiday but let's save some activities for the long-break after April!

My Basic Design Projects

As i have already promised to you guys (have i?) to upload pictures of my basic design assignments, here you are. We have 5 projects altogether & already done 3 of them & project 4 will be graded this week.

Project 1: Box Design
Grade: A-
Project 2: Plane Composition
Grade: B-

front view

back view

Project 3: Relief Technique Painting
Grade: A

Project 4: Form & Shape
Grade: (Will be graded this week's class)
& these are my mock-up for my fourth project.
front view

side view

back view

corrections on how to improve it from my tutors :)

His tiny cameo

he showed up in my sister's room every morning to cuddle with us, & Blacky never poops everywhere. naw

& few photographs i have taken at my house backyard while i was on holiday back at home, the mission to take photos of Blacky failed after he kept on moving so i decided to take something else static.