Saturday, February 12, 2011


I'm really bad when it comes to updating my blog regularly & i hate myself when i can't do anything about it. so, the 10days of hols back at home was a total relieved, like the right feeling after you've farted, everything seems to be fresh again & thats how i felt abt my hols, went awesome! here are some photographs i've taken when i was out to the malls & practically everywhere with my good friend & most perverted girl, Faw.
introducing one of the best place to eat Fish&Chips, Fish & Co.
i've became a total sucker to this place already :(
& also my fake expression of the taste of the desert.

ouh i just can't help myself from posting this photo of my cat sleeping, Blacky has this thing with my bed in my room. he likes it! & guess what, he doesn't even noticed i was at his side at this moment, he was too swayed by his sleepiness. naww

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