Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lecture Hall. Monday. Physics' period. Zzz

today was pretty random, suddenly i came up with the idea of bringing my camera to lecture hall. since it was just lectures so i guess there's no harm of bringing it and there goes my captured photos of the day. & btw, there's no particular people being taken photographs by me, it was just all random & i just took by surprise. Yaa was waiting for his hand-writing to dance for him haha
they were so serious talking about physic, i am so jealous.
& who's that? (our Physic's lecturer)
hai azah : kenapa garang? :(

For some like Sirhan, physic is important. but others.. mm taking photos are much awesomer haha
tick-tock-tick-tock on Afiq's forehead
she was so happy you can see it!haha
oh mirah & mamat

sorry if this was a bit random, after lectures we had our lunch in cafe & it was our mundane Nasi Campur meal (everyday like this) & today, i picked this dish & it was effing spicy & hot, as in the temperature! i was surrendered by the fifth spoonful of this magnificent of spiciness!


  1. seann tengah copy tutorial math bole takkkk.
    tade keje nk dengar fizik. haha

    aku mintak copy note kat paul. haha.

    everyone have their own world.