Sunday, February 13, 2011

study trip to National Art Gallery Malaysia

so last Friday, we had a study trip to Balai Seni Lukis Negara (BLSN). i miss that place, & so it hits the right moment to visit the place. the point of the trip was actually to see our tutors',Azam Aris, artwork which got selected as a Jurys Award in the recent Anugerah Bakat Sezaman competition. it's pretty major since he won $10K. apart from that, our lecturer sort of wants him to explain how he did the painting and such. he did the painting using glow in the dark paints & has two ways of looking the painting. too bad i can't take photograph inside of the gallery because all the artworks was just mind blowing :( so i only have these few photographs as rememberance.
few of my coursemates!
i miss the rain, it hasn't rain since i got here & so..

after that, me,Ac & Oney went to KLCC since it was just nearby. we had dinner in the food court & i had Subway's sandwich which wasn't last long til we got back college & we also ate desert in Desert's Bar which then again, ruined my whole appetite to eat & letting me starved further that night. the deserts was effing expensive & cost $7 for a small cup of latte & the cakes tasted like shit, yuck. disappoints me to know that the American Choc Cake tasted like paper with a pinch of salt. & we went back around 9pm or so.

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