Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Taste of morph in my mouth

After I've gone through some serious process of editing these photos, I'm finally ready to show it all to you people. This shoot was taken sometime this mid-year in my friend's house which happen to be on of the model as well. Call it as my raciest photoshoot ever cause we went crazy and overboard with the session, topless, drinks, randomness just never gets better! Anyways, this are the final cut out of all other shots. The models are Mieng and Jill Hazel, friends of mine as well, and this entry features my non-commercial use, watermark icon, hopefully nobody can just copy and paste this photos without knowing me as the original photographer. X

Thursday, July 21, 2011


I have about 7 minutes to write something in my blog and 42 more days left to be here in Sabah. I'm not even sure why do I wanna talk about this but I guess I have nothing to hide from this issue.

Starting over to enroll myself in UM again sucks badly when I tried so hard not to remember about it. I haven't officially tell the news here but rumors did a better work to spread the words around. Yes, good news comes first, I'm not expelled from University Malaya due to my bad result in my foundation year, It wasn't really that bad, you can say it circles around an average level, It's just uncool to know it isn't more than average and I will be back to UM for my degree year but bad news is, I wont be in Architecture course, yes I wont be in my dream course, as expected but not really expected. I don't know how to say this, words wont be able to express this utter devastation surrounds in me now, but I got in for Township and Urban Planning course, a new course introduced to us as the first batch that will enter after foundation, I think. The reason why I don't get in for Architecture...stating the obvious,my result..

Besides that, I will go to KL and register alone, my parents aren't coming, my dad insisted me to go there alone and be independent, not keen to that fact but I guess I have to do what I have to do. Will be in KL on Sept,2nd and staying in a hotel nearby Taman Jaya station, just one station away from University station and will be near to get myself in UM. I'll arrive two days before the registration day so that makes me having 2 days of fun in KL. And also,I get into 2nd college, thank god about that, cause 2nd college is only beside my faculty. Anyway,I'm glad my dad's happy about me getting back to UM, so I am happy about it too, as long as I will still be studying, nothing else matter :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

And this is another nameless post

Well, last weekend I met Syafiq when he came by to KK for several days. It's a great news knowing we both will study at the same course in UM. Grr
While at Kenny Rogers, 1B. Those are all my foods, like someone special just recently told me, I have a monster tummy,raaarrr


As I transferred some images from my phone to my laptop, I've found some old pics of us way back then when we were still in our early weeks together in UM. Oh my, totally missing the naive,dont-know-anything moments we've had together. :(
Syafiq, Lera, Memel
Yan, Me, Syafiq
Me, Dayang

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Eaten by Mr.Boredom

Those moments where you will never forget

This is a compilation of pictures I have found in my Picture folder, some highlights I would like to show you guys here and some people that I consider as important in my life. I've been missing them a lot and they're great!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

All things KL

Recent trip to KL before. The day where I have also lost my wallet, joy.

Fashion Show Quiksilver Roxy 2011 Spring & Summer

Alamak, what happen to all my pictures lately lah and why am I using "alamak" and "lah" in this entry, gahh eff. Been trying to troubleshoot the problem with the skills that I have with camera's now because it seems that my passion starts to lessen and worsen by the second, probably, time just ate me by being too occupied, who knows.

Anyways, several weeks ago I went to a Quiksilver/Roxy Spring & Summer fashion show, It's for the promotion of this year's 1B mega sale or something. I was with Faw, good friend which she is the member of Roxy and brought me as a guest. Lotsa fun!

The back look of a guy that want to win a Quiksilver watch so badly lol
Rica from KK