Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Karya Pilihan Tahunan 2011 submission

GAHH! I am more than pleased to upload these photos of my painting for the submission of this year's Karya Pilihan Tahunan, as you guys remember, I participated the same competition last year and hopefully I can get the same luck from it too! And I took a while to finished this piece, nothing much to be proud of, just made up of full sincerity and mediocrity, because this year I'm flying solo by doing it all by myself without the help of my art teacher. Sorry teacher!

Since this year, I wont be able to enter the kid's categories anymore and joining the Open category, so I've decided to do it all by myself, either good or bad at least it is all based on my own interpretation of art :)

Medium : Oil Colour
Size : 102cm x 76cm
Title : Wajah-wajah harapan

Be nice guys, I know it's pretty simple. Enjoy

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