Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fashion Show Quiksilver Roxy 2011 Spring & Summer

Alamak, what happen to all my pictures lately lah and why am I using "alamak" and "lah" in this entry, gahh eff. Been trying to troubleshoot the problem with the skills that I have with camera's now because it seems that my passion starts to lessen and worsen by the second, probably, time just ate me by being too occupied, who knows.

Anyways, several weeks ago I went to a Quiksilver/Roxy Spring & Summer fashion show, It's for the promotion of this year's 1B mega sale or something. I was with Faw, good friend which she is the member of Roxy and brought me as a guest. Lotsa fun!

The back look of a guy that want to win a Quiksilver watch so badly lol
Rica from Hitz.fm KK

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