Monday, July 11, 2011

Say goodbye to hello

What can i say, I should conclude all the reasons of my unavailabilites to update this piece of junk. I responsible for all the deficiency for being unable to post something here so I want to kick off with a sincere apology.

Well, first of, I've finished my foundation year from University Malaya couple of months ago and the result for my final exam was beyond devastation but you know I can be simply care nothing about it. Will be continuing my degree year in september. So far, things has been going smoothly. Recently got myself moved in a condo-apartment near Jalan Sulaman because of my house in Luyang is going under renovation. And yes, I have finished my painting for the submission for Karya Pilihan Tahunan and will post the photos here soon.

I should repay all the damage I'd caused to my blog cause making my blog really close to be a dead blog. but will post some pics later. Glad to be back! x

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