Friday, January 14, 2011

okay i can't come up with a title

so i am about to sleep because the clock shows 0211 am in the morning, i should be sleeping, or it'll be impossible to get up for class tomorrow. talk about class, can you believe the fact that we have class tomorrow?! well, not that in my concern about it cs i pratically don't give a fuck about it, cs what's the point of whining anyway? and in fact, Saturday class isn't bad at all. (i was lying)

anyhow, i promised too many things already, i've mentioned something about posting a list on what i wana do after i've finished my foundation year but i still haven't done it yet, so before i am about to promise anything else, i want to deal with this one first.

to be quite frank,i haven't decide on what shall i be doing during the long break, perhaps only a few stuffs i am planning to do besides eat,sleep,and tv, GOD I MISS TV namely, attending Art class to my previous art teacher, or probably making some paintings (?) or getta part time job because i'm trying to save up some money to get my teeth a braces. wouldn't it be fun!

i know right, that's maybe alot to juggle, i guess i just have to see how things will go later. so whatever, my aim now is to get a full 4.00 for this sem. why am i jumping topics,i dont even know why, seesh. it'll be hard but im sure nothing is impossible. haha, weeeiiirrdd. because Architecture is not an easy course, or i'll be ended dumped in other faculties. so i better swot up those books and start studying! later. ok, im insane

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