Wednesday, January 5, 2011

let's talk about girlfriend

well, when was the last time i had a girlfriend? it was several months ago when i was with Anis. and how do i think about having a relationship? hm she makes it easy for the both of us so i didn't felt like having any at all, that's the beauty of our relationship, it was very light and heavy and the same time, is that possible? i was wondering about this issue, i mean, i can say almost all my friends now are having a relationship or at least a problem in their relationship. the previous string i had definitely thought me tonnes of lessons besides watch out for cheaters! but i guess i have to say that, somewhere behind my mind or shall i say, heart? is thinking about repeating those lovey dovey moment with my significant other. i think lah. but so far i can't recall any girl that i can be "in love" with. but if you say, crushes counts then i have alot of them. i may not be born entirely to be a player in future, and by thinking it now makes me wonder why do you wana be a player? but whatever the reason is, pass that. anyways, i agree with the fact that i am alone here, considering nobody here can ever understands what i'm going through my rough times, i can still remember, how great my life would be if all my friends back in high school would still be here. but no, that'll stay just as "what if" statement. i should move on! or someone at least push me so that i can move on my life. i feel like there's something stucked somewhere in between,making my life now, so hard to analyze. haih.

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