Tuesday, January 25, 2011

i am distant by a few more days of Holiday

despite having this loads of shit burden on my shoulder up until now, exams are stil not finish by the end of this weekdays. i've received numerous of calls and IM's from my friends basically asking me when am i coming home, I'll be flying exactly on this Sunday guys, and be staying for approximately 10 days back home. i've purposely extended the days so that i wont be losing any valuable times at Sabah, just for the fun of it. this post has really no direction whatsoever haha.

let us talk about exams, today is Wednesday, making it the third day of exam out four day which is the last day is tomorrow. yay! first day was Phy&Chem 2 Paper and Macroeconomics, nothing surprised me with the questions except the awkward moment i got,the first time i've laid my eyes on the first question in each paper. bummer! and second day was ruined by Stats&Probability.

so far i really have nothing much to say about it, yeah been pretty difficult to answer it well but whatever, that's just how i felt throughout all the exams here. doesn't give a damn! either A's or likewise,i'll stil be feeling neutral about the exams.

and like most pathetic weeks i have consumed in my life throughout the 2nd sem, this week have no exception BS and there's class on Sat. major bummer! cannot ask for anymore miseries than this, i've been having alot less talk than i could imagine cs my head isn't around anymore,been keeping thinking of home and at another point i've become obsessed of going home.i can't wait to meet tv,families,home-made cooks,MY ONE AND ONLY BED,friends, nothing but sweet mother fugger Reunion. til now, bye!

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