Saturday, January 1, 2011

Urban Spit

and so there goes a year of fun and fuqery of awesomeness! never get the chance to write about "ouh what have I already done to my life throughout last year" or "lists of my achievement around year of 2010" but i will definitely find a time for it aha. Henceforth, I would just like to make it simple and light as i have already done it in the previous post with the HNY title. well, i hope those few lines of sentences of mine for New Year's closuring speech could give you a good impression about how i would do to my life in times to come with the new year, which is no difference. heh.

just for the news, guess what?! I've bought the portrait lens that i've always wanted and dreamt of (not to mention the only lens that i can afford) ah die die! thank god for my strong instinct said that i should check up on the price in The Garden,Midvalley since so far i've checked that KLCC offered the best price. although, just $1 apart from each of the places, i've grabbed it in The Garden instead which cost me blank-blank-blank. enough with the 50mm 0.45mm/1.5ft, my baby has got a brand new eyes! therefore, brand new ways of taking my photographs! i like experimenting!

anyways, someone has gladly gave me a tiny murderous surprise. it was Ac that made all the Origami pieces and have put it in my lens box. how sweet! and i've took the photos with my new baby eyes! yes,now i can call it babeyes! haha.

bye! :)

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