Thursday, January 27, 2011


hi guys, i know, it's been like what, a day since the last time i posted in my blog. i know Noob! i can't do anything else except either checking my blog or updating it, Noober! since now i have reactivated my fb, nothing says a fresh new start so im gona be fully distracted by that thing all over again, or won't I? i found myself a lil bit too drown in the facebook wave so i've decided to put my profile private so that people can't get me through in anyway even though they still have all my status to comment on,Noob but ain't that Rocket science?! har har. perhaps im sober now with fb. damn i'm pathetic.
it has been one freaking a-hole day doing nothing at all, just yammering to myself in my room all alone without any accompany,Fuck! and eating by myself, i've been like a loner for quite sometimes now so i guess i shouldn't do that or whatever. im not thinking about anything now! gosh my life's so complicated!

oh i do actually, about home. im a few more days left before flying back home. im freakin excited since i can forget about the shit im dealing here whatsoever for a little while. 1o days without kl somehow relieved my over drive senses, i don't even know what that means. i can't bear myself without losing my sanity here, i've been fucking stoke in kl! in this shitty place we call University! i hate all the works given by our lecturers, i hate all the assignments, giving me headache continuously! god i hate studying all and all! but i guess nobody can understand me with that right!
fuck it!

i am thinking of vlogging, you know that new thing where people update their life in youtube by uploading their personal funny videos they've recorded themselves, no? i know its not new so thats why im about to call myself a fucking Noob again. anyways, yeah thinking of doing that. but i don't have any good quality cameras to record my video, well im gona try at least do one video i promise! haha. i really need to see myself just out there spilling about my shitty life even though nobody wants to hear it except for myself.

& yeah thats pretty much it, i can't believe i did more than 20 posts within this month alone. that means im fucking bored with my life but i should think about people in Africa more and take my words back!
oh and im hungry now but not anymore after listening to 500 Days of Summer soundtracks i've downloaded, i've watched the movie (had a lil movie marathon last night) and New York, I Love You, god the movie is sweeettttttt. as in both ways,sweeeeeettttt!! i have few other movies left to be watch so i'm full! haha. so i guess i'll catch up later aligators. x

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