Saturday, January 29, 2011

so basically the Hols are starting already!

i have no other better title except for that, so for dear readers sorry for making all my posts very clunt and boring cs of that, blame my sugar rush to type the content of the title instead of thinking about the title itself, god whatever im rambling now. anyways, today has been the happiest day compared to any day i am/was here because of these few things :

first, my class has finally ended for now to allow the holiday kicks in its wicked balls.

second, we as in me,ac,amal,mai and oney was planning about having a trip after we finished our exam, literally right after exam to where? PULAU TIOMANNNNNNNNNNNN. fuck yeah we're awesome! all the rough planning and thoughts are still under brainstorms, so we need to come up each with our own proposal to present it to each other about it, to have you know, official plan about it. YEAH IM FUCKING EXCITED!

third, what a coincidence! third, damn, 3 has to be my fave number now, my THIRRDDD assignment for basic design basically got an A, not that i want to boast or anything but i am HAPPPYYYY AND RELIEVEEEDD abt it cs i finally got an A for something and they really liked it, i drew an Indian woman and we gotta do all the relief techniques and whatever, i'll post the picture of the painting later and they liked my presentation, the lecturers liked how my Eng was nice and fluent.

fourth, we had our little last reunion before holiday in Wendy's just now although Ac and Mai couldn't make it, they had their time up pretty fast here so it was only left me,Oney (and her bf) and Amal.

all in all, i had a blast closuring day before i had my own holiday. i have been working on plans and whatever to fill up this coming AWESOME hols, so can't wait to do it! so later! :)

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