Friday, January 14, 2011

individualistic, idiosyncratic

so hello everybody, sorry for my ever-so-dearth and absence in my blog, i've been having a handful of tutorial works and courseworks, nothing but only appear to exterminate each valuable seconds finishing the endless tasks given, namely Basic Design assignments, the absolute intricate and hard-to-understand class of Art, every week i am learning about new techniques on how to approach yourself with several expression of visual arts etc. dont even let me start with my tutorial works, very very busy. that's why i have been away for almost a week or so now.

anyway, i'm here gladly would like to flag about good news i've received quite sometime days ago about my muet result. i had finally witnessed the scores i got, so every questions sorta answered why i got lower band in it.

it's because of my Reading paper, i didn't even achieved more than half of the score, that's why. but the rest of the paper, i executed quite well, in my opinion. such as my writing paper, i got 50+/90, and my listening 39/48, and speaking 35+/45, generally,i am only 1 score away from getting band 4. and i could've imagine if i get 90 for reading like Ac did, i already have band 5 at hand.

but regardless that the issue had already past and happened, atleast now i am relieved that i am not actually a modest user. perhaps only more of a less fortunate in answering multiple choices, too bad. wish i could be aware of it before but drop it now!

so, i have only a week or so to study for my 2nd sem midterm exam. i am quite butterflied about it cs now i know how the "game is actually played". so i am prepared, physically, and partially for mentally. let's just hope for the best.

and it's raining now, so cold and breezy. my room cannot be anymore colder than now. listening to Grouper, Juana Molina, Coldplay, Emilie Simon, 1 Ghost's songs are the best thing can ever happen to me in such nice weather.

let me sleep in with all the illuminate nimbleness and hopeful to refresh my mind and my body, ready to procrastinate no more and come with inspiration overflow.

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