Wednesday, December 1, 2010

mini update

so a quick update i want to make before heading myself to tha toilet! yes i am done with classes and shits like that for today so i thought i should reward myself with a new post in my blog. today was exhausting. yeah really, i had too much of overtiredness that only one thing i hope to reduce this malfunctioness is by filling up my sketchbook. which i did! i hope i have the guts to show it here but maybe when i really want to okay. and i found few cool quotes in Liana/Lenna's tumblr, the link . and since i mentioned her,it has been a while since we've talked. i wonder how she is now :o

and enjoy the video i found when i was browsing my friend's page in fb. for that matter,iv been repeating this song today for about 2943128982357th time in my mp4. its stupidity filled with appropriateness. x

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