Sunday, December 26, 2010


if Snoop Dogg produces good music,

if Pharell William produces good shoes,

if Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt produces good life towards orphans,

if Oprah Winfrey produces flattering surprises toward blessed souls,

if Paul the Octopus produces true-ish future stories,

if Harvard Universities produces intellegence freaks,

if Miley Cyrus produces bad music,

if Shane Dawson produces parodies towards celebrities,

if M&M produces good chocolate,

if Lindsay Lohan produces more tabloid stories than her real life stories herself,

if Pamela Anderson have bigger boobs than a normal female have,

if Kimora Lee Simmons got married more black guys than any other female celebrities,

if Mark Zuckerberg produces facebook,

if Tiger Wood produces more infidelities cases more than one can ever had in his/her life,

if Victoria Beckham can have more Louis Vuitton bags more than any other celebrities,

if Paris Hilton produces bad porn movies,

if Naomi Campbell produces more swagger vibrations than any other models,

if Tyra Banks produces models in a tv show,

if Barrack Obama produces more world peace treaties towards presidents around the world,

well then i should, produce something to change the world. something. hm. something(?)

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