Sunday, December 5, 2010

she was from Venus

why, hello again dear spacious electronic page that makes my life written and verbalized with words, now that i have mentioned, beautiful words. thats quite an introduction hey. so lets cut the chase off. i did a sketch. pretty obvious considering with the picture below. hm i did a sketch of a girl named Samantha Natasha Miles. a friend, a charmer. / i know i know, you all can see that but i still insist to tell you people that she is Samantha. did it because i thought her face complexion was so beautiful that i think it might be NO challange of doing so but yes, iv gone through some rough minutes, rubbing, no i mean, erasing (sounds a little pervet-ish) here and there, left to right. getting every single parts of her face positionized well enough as possible as i can to make it as much as HERSERLF. so i do agree to a point that the sketch i have made was, lets say.. 70% accuracy in terms of similarity with her face, so i tried my best to make it looked like her, dont be rough on the comments people hehe.

seriously, i shouldnt placed this image right below the sketch because you might see the obvious differences between both of the images. anyhow, enjoy!

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