Wednesday, December 15, 2010

it was up until..

thought it was going to be a regular boring lacklustre Sunday, up until i saw this outside from my room balcony. a pungent and overpowering smell came out of nowhere and as i turned myself to go back into my room and closed the door, my room had quarterly filled with this eerie poisonous and lethal gases. it was the mosquito sprays that they irregularly did on such a sudden case.

few minutes later, my used-to-be dusty and only filled with empty clear atmosphere inside my room, now had morphed to its indubitably and irrefutably, gaseous greyish state that not only makes me feel dizzy with its disturbing smell but also the sound, the buzzing machine sounds that came both to my ears, and i think it came from each annoying,perky angles from downstairs. breathed inside my shirt as i tried to stay animated, my effort only put me in a place where i fell in such a suffocating air. my throat was filled with tiny little molecular particles, scratches and finally teared down inch by inch of my inside skin.

yet then, it was closed to a torturous 30 minutes developed to a wandrous and phenomenal moments. i was then, passed out again. drowned into such dreams. imagination. after i woke up again, thought everything was surreal. hit me by a joyous laughter. and then went downstairs and ate with my friends. and the air, came to its original,fresh context.

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