Sunday, December 19, 2010

no offense but im offended

this post is inspired by my everyday life and my flaws:
1.i know that im not a cute guy that you can die over
2.i know that im not rich
3.i know that i have no enough money to bring you people around
4.i know that i have been such a bad influence to you people
5.i know that im not smart nor intelligent
6.i know that im not from a private school and can flaunt you people by some non-gorven place where cool and everyone-that-speaks-good-english-from
7.i know that my life hasnt really filled with full-time prayers
8.i know that i dont pray alot
9.i know that i have more flaws than you do
10.i know that when it comes to me, you people can discriminate easier because i am somewhat looked easily bullied
11.i know that i have no life time experience around the world
12.i know that im from University Malaya and im not happy with it, im apart with my families
13.i know that i cant write proper English, of all i know, everytime i showed my piece of writing to people, there must be errors, somehow, they will find any if they didnt see any
14.i know that im a slow toddler when it comes about academic, i wont and will not understand the first time you people thought me something
15.i know that im not good enough to you people
16.i know that im not famous
17.i know that im undersized, underweight, some people like to point that out
18.i know that i have no A+ in my SPM but i knew that my parents are proud of me with it
19.i know that my families have many flaws and imperfections, somehow that makes us happy
20.i know that you see me looked like im insecure about myself, but im not, its you that is insecure about yourself
21.i know that i dont have an iphone nor an ipod
22.i know that i have not own my own car, yet
23.i know that im not in some private college/university that somewhat makes you people think that she's/he's cool to be in it
24.i know that im unattractive by your second look
25.i know that my opinions are all rubbish, im not from your former school
26.i know that i cried when it comes something sad from my parents or just some sad stories
27.i know that im annoying, loud and obnoxious but you people started to complain why the hell am i shut off silence all the sudden
28.i know that i talked about people as people always talk about me too
29.i know that i swirled my eyes alot to people, but thats only because im afraid to look at you, you wont say hai to me
30.i know that i wont be part of your gang because im skinny and not cool enough
31.i know that i am invisible in the eye of my Art lecturers
32.i know that i have quarter of talent when it comes about art, i can draw but by my observation, as much as i try harder, my drawings wont be "innovative or creative" enough to you cocksuckers
33.i know that my parents doesnt own Mercedes car
34.i know that my house isnt a bungalow, its just a one story terrace house, but im happy to be living in it with all my families trying to stuff in as well
35.i know that i always said that Malay people is always lazy but im Malay
36.i know that im half-chinese thus Malay people tend to avoid from befriending with me
37.i know that i will only be closed to you for a few days or weeks and you will forget about me as you already have you good life awaits you
36.i know that im tall and skinny, not muscular and have a deep-monotonous-voice just like any other guys
37.i know that i spoke english regularly than any other guys
38.i know that i dont party alot
39.i know that iv fallen in love only twice in my life, which only towards my families(including my parents) and a girl named..
40.i know that iv been thinking about things at my surroundings alot
41.i know that i procrastinate alot
42.i know that i have a strong self-conscious about my surroundings
43.i know that im just your added friends in you fb friends list
44.i know that im not from Science class before therefore i shouldnt be remembered
45.i know that i doesnt make sense when i talked because im annoying
46.i know that my answers for anything will never be useful compared to other people
47.i know that iv always been biased by people
48.i know that i dont say hai to you when i bumped on you but doesnt mean i dont reckon that you're there
49.i know that i havent fucked a girl, yet
50.i know that i always did a sexually explicit remarks or jokes
51.i know that im not good enough to be your best friend
but what i know is that im still alive and waiting a long time to be dead, and i have a loving family members and im from Sabah and not some other state that you recognized with and i have a soul that i can only share by myself and myself only. i know that i pour LOVE to people but they doesnt realized that.
i know that im not good enough.
i know that im not good enough.

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