Monday, December 20, 2010

menyesal masuk alam bina

i have already tried. and i partially failed myself. not to mentioned my consciosness by the fact that im not happy to what im taking right now which is so-called pre-Architecture.

i want to take fine art. but i blew my chance after forwarding myself towards dad's opinion. so now, im stucked with this bs course.

i have opinion. and lots of them. so stfu if you dont comprehend with it.

i got into UM. was happy. but not anymore.

my first semester result was already out, it was rather expected than disappointing. got a longer session 101 between me and the Academic instructor or whatever, than i thought. letting me know to sit infront in lecture class and be more attentive. what?

i've mentioned before that im a slow learner, but once i get it, i get it good.

im disappointed to myself. im humiliating my parents name. wasting their money. procrastinating my works or this is just a normal situation one would face after a culture shock?

i hate chemistry tutorial class, not the lecturer but by the fact that i will go out after class is over and get nothing. im disappointed.

i like english. i got in touch with my linguistic side. which finally, revealed my truest want. i want to write. no science. just writing. i have regretted taking my course now. im a failure that will get some "helpful" advices sooner from my friends.

i hate it when i know that i cant understand a single thing that these genius-freaks would understood.

i've been walked over. or maybe im just quite of a thinker.

stop typing.. i will go on further about other bs.


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