Sunday, December 5, 2010

I dreamt it in my dreams

so a quick update that i would to like make. i had the thought of this after i woke up from my afternoon nap that i did almost everyday. while tutorial classes are still not on yet, so better fill something in my afternoon than nothing.

yes, my dream was once to further my study abroad. somewhere specifically in Australia. i have always been so fascinated by that particular country with so many reasons. one of it is the weather. the almost like a perfect four seasons country compared with other countries in the world. and now that i have mentioned about studies, the universities provided advance learning for the students which makes that another point of going there.

although, dreams stayed as that. nothing much i can do except, well.. what else than dreaming hey? i found few lists of top universities in there such as Australian National University, University of Melbourne, University of Western Australia, University of Sydney, etc et etc.

which placed me to my desk and re-plan my life in my blue print once again.

i thought, maybe i can finish my foundation as well as further my Bachelor in Malaysia, hopefully same place as i am now which is in University Malaya and maybe take my Ar. (Professional certificate), then with few consideration here and there, i would most probably want to continue my Master level in Australia. yes, Australia baby. scholarships and everything will be definitely be in my to-have list after that.

and to even thought of talking about these in my blog have make me feel enpower again. to, you know, pursue my goal.. at least there is a reason for me to study.. besides my family, it is perhaps this one.

and at least, there is something i can write on a piece of paper which written as "My goal in few years later: (_____fill in the blank_____)"


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