Friday, December 3, 2010

The Incomparable

so i thought i could use some new post since i am flying with freedom in my free time now! so i did went out to Midvalley with syafiq the other day (i've visited that place, i think more than visiting my books to study), just for.. nothing basically. but good thing iv captured some incomparable shots i can ever imagine! i mean, im starting to savor the natural lights that offers me with good quality photographs and persuading me to take pictures. and i am thinking of finding more places that is filled with natural lights! god. *giggles* anyways, didnt just went out and did nothing. i went to a place. probably if she's reading this, she would know. i bought a new sketchbook. not for me but for ac. thought i could give her a brand new one since the old one has already finished! she is quite of a sketcher so i bought the thicker one which doesnt really matter if it costs me much. glad she was happy with it *smiley face smiley face* and best of all, iv bought cute little pieces of sticky dolls. christmas theme! i grabbed one plastic that is full with it that only cost me $5! wow man thats pretty cheap considering its holiday season!
oh i like this one! i forced him to do that pose and he did! good job syafiq, see how it turns out!
syafiq caught the moment i was eating red handed!
nak beli ke tak nak beli ke tak nak beli ke tak. BELI!
this face is saying,"you know what syafiq, why dont you take photos of me instead of taking yours first? i need some new display picture in my facebook too" haha
haha. uhhh -.-

aw! those big teddies! bigger than myself of course! iv taken photos of it in my phone when i was out here with AC but decided to bring my camera the next time i went out to Midvalley. really cute! All hail to the designer of the place!

if you see carefully, this photo is more disturbing than disturbing. see closer and observe the higher part in the left side. the huge doll stares at you and saying,"are you taking pictures of me hey?" *goosebumps
haha, i think you should see it properly. more thoroughly now. that scares me! youch