Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I'll fake as a hero, I'll fake it good

"Christmas Stolen"

(pictures was taken when me and syafiq went out to Section 14,weeks ago)
Wednesday,15th Dec 2010 - today has been a very idle and barren day. started with a morning excitement, thinking that our 1st semester result would come out but eventually became part of our waiting-activity. then the day continued by lunch that i didn't even had. the two hour classes ended slower than i thought, second period was Chemistry after Statistics & Probability and after it was finished, as fast as a torpedo bullet, i (almost-like) ran out from the Lecture Class to get some clean,fresh air. relieved feeling after i got out. as if a fish got into the water. the only thing that stucked by then was both of my earphones that i haven't plugged off yet. the syllabus, went swayed away from both of my eardrums. songs kept on shuffling to its last playlist of the folder. stay still with my fluctuations emotions. i kept silent throughout the day. i bought some kuehs and a 100+, kuehs went such a waste. the still-full drink that i only got a few slurps with, finally i gave to Oney.

the world seems to face against me today. not to mention the life as well. the only achievement i got for myself was a complete surreal sketch i did during the lecture. after that,nothing seems to work the way i wanted.

decided to go check upon the Admin office, still, answer was disapointing. even worst, we have to wait until other streams get their full result, for us to get ours. FUCK YOU. been cursing alot since then, only scenery view i had was, my shoes and the ground. i walked straight into my room, thanked god that nobody was around to interrupt my poignent moment.

didn't even realize the fact that i left others behind once i got into my room, AC called, asked me either i wanted to join them to eat, i said no. my emotions seems to arrived to its peak. i am now officially depressed, for no reason. changed my attire to an utter non-casual one, knowing that i wont continue my day, hearing a single class filled with only cunt and dreary lecture about what's not and what's what. again, FUCK YOU.

my mood was subsquently crammed by uncertain feelings. thought a quick nap can cheer me up. another failure. after my an hour or so sleep, i woke up, feeling rather a friggin loser or such. my tummy curved into a convex shaped together with growling sounds that almost sounded like a tiger/lion roar. iv ordered pizza. a Spaghetti Chicken Meatball, Mushroom soup and garlic bread to be exact. ate it till the last piece of the food dust. still, not statisfied with my ever-so-large appetite. doesn't matter. got myself a brief and stingingly cold shower after that, to rinsed through every bits of my un-well state today. then happy when i knew i got the times to update my blog. that sounds very cheezy. i would rather say as doing my regular things.

clicking sounds of the keyboard kept me alive, the more clicking, the more electrifying. day hasn't got off yet. haven't ended. so still, im waiting for it to kill me with the pointy minutes-swords to fill my day with. hoping, for something that will makes me smile, laughs. bye

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