Friday, December 3, 2010

we live our lifes as dickheads!

so beside boredomness, the seniors were there too! celebrating their after exams moments! kak huda, nik and another senior which i dont know her name (sorry:( ) were there that have kindly offered us to sat with them but we didnt. malu lah hehe :P
Ac: "Are you going to finish that burger?"
Me: "Yes(?)"
Ac: "Oh (sighed)"
haha joking okay!
(sorry but i (ter)saved the picture with 70% of quality) -.-

sooooooo yet another day of going out, seems that i have started to balanced out between the amount of going to class and to Midvalley which now almost equally the same. more or less haha. hm but this time we went to a midnight movie. as usual, it was my call because Narnia was out that niggghhhhtttt! well yes, i typed a lot of 'g', 'h', and 't' letters because i am excited about it. i mean i was excited. that night was the premier day i suppose so mind the full seats that are bought so we got,i think the first three front row. yes, it is that hectic! and AC was excited too! giggling giggling. so as the time still awaits us to watch the movie, still have about few more hours, again i did the call to do something to kill our time. McDonald came to my mind so we went and eat there. not that we were hungry, just try to find a place to stay while waiting the movie to start. eating eating eating eating then finally finished. didnt know what to do then came across to my mind of doing an animation. you know like we did in our Final Project last year like a stop-motion animation?! know, no? know, no? well nevermind. so we did!! (gosh of course,where am i going with this?) and it was all because we were having too much of excitement for that one particular movie which was The Chronicles of Narnia. was happy about it cz we did the turn and everything, damn we flaaih. flaaih haihh momma! haha. enjoy hehe

ops sorry! i should tell you people how was the movie, it wasssss (excitingg)... average -.- i mean,Harry Potter movie has gave me a higher standard of quality in terms of the cinematography so that makes me compare the obvious differences. but over all, movie was quite okay. watch-able, not that i need to do anything else like stand up or pay extra charge to watch the movie so i guess my eyes doesnt hurt much. perhaps because of the 3D (maybe) i dont know cz i thought the effects gave me weird sense of feeling towards the movie. it was real but tooooo much of 3D that it made the movie looks like its not edited at all, very raw. and (well actually) but!!!! all the weird weird creatures were superbly digitalized (as everything else does) that it got me believed if it was real or not. i give the rating as much as 3/5*. Harry Potter is 4 and a half/5*. okay?

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