Tuesday, November 30, 2010

to live your life,does not mean you have to party hard or being an alcoholic.. or maybe you can

so today is Tuesday which is yet another day of going to the faculty. basically we did went to faculty in the previous weeks so it wasnt much a surprise to have our classes attended there with Miss Anum.

so the impression i gave towards finding myself within the Art class today was quite unusually perplexing. i mean,i have been waiting for my life to attend this class and already feeling lost hope and giving up,the first day has been accelerated so much phases with pressure.

we had to drew some simple sketches based on our observation. so in the Lecture hall we gotta sketch out few illustrations of a stapler or a knife from different angles. i have to say, i hate whoever invented that thing. makes my life miserable!

next was in Exhibition Hall A when we all has given a task to drew out some sketches of chairs. i did find my way of drawing was completely difficult considering i didnt followed the supposed rules with the boxes and everything,so i could live with the fact that i was wrong not that i have suddenly lost my talent.

and perhaps now that i am partially prepared with the dont-take-granted-for-art situation, i might as well will do some more sketchings to improve more and do less procrastination.

most importantly maybe tonight i'll be spending sometime alone with my lecture notes or maybe do some more drawings or maybe watch a movie or maybe just do it all tonight as guiding myself to be an efficient person! well this has been a bit formal in a way but whatever. lets live the life without alcohol and some more TRIXes! haha

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