Sunday, November 21, 2010

trying to forget the past and sleep in sleep in sleep in

lets now talk about my new romoured soulmate/s. well i just feel like i need to have more entries to make it up to my blog since i didnt update my blog hell long, long enough for me to have my 1st semester's finished. fuhh what a lazy ass. well before that, i need to apologise bcse this might be one the few days that im sooo into updating my blog but im not sure days to come. will keep up this over flowing inspirations. talk about inspirations. i want you people to know here are the few persons i would call as friends. true visionary and missionary, they are undoubtedly smart as much as their appearances are. always being so supportive, appreciative about life. not to mention knowing almost everything, i can almost ask everything and get my answers. but mostly about studies though haha. thank you for being not much of pain in the ass guys.

as you know, finding friends are like searching on Manhunt without having much of gay guys in the contest or finding a needle in the haystack. i'll say, lets go through 2nd sem together guys and enter Architecure as one the few lucky ones back in UM togetha! love love love a thousand loves.
this is maisarah, dia ada boyfriend nama dia chal haha
bringing in my most most craziest and ever so amusing doll i have ever met in my life. my long lost siamese twins,ONEY BENONEY!

and last but not least, Siti Aisyah Rosni. she's talented. and when i mentioned talented means she is the fucking most talented woman iv ever met. she's always be the go-to girl if any about anything.
xo loves

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