Friday, November 26, 2010

The Science of Sleep

This is just so disturbing. so if it wouldnt be awakening to me that much,probably i wont have this post. its stated as 2.49 am in my laptop timer but i said its just some numbers represent the power of day and night that would offer us in each ticking seconds with its brilliant intricate images morphing from reverie of idealism into veracity.

yes. i am disturbed. its just the amount of force of negativity surrounds me stops me from going anywhere. people smile their fake smiles. people talk their dirty talks. but some said,it was just some murmuring voices crawling onto you. creepling to your suppression. from what you once called your initiation.

i just have the feelings. the feelings. the sense. the sense of uncomfortableness. the uncomfortableness. that makes me feel like i am being at my contradictory.

i cant do happy songs anymore. im just saying. and yes people do discriminate people. nobody's ever going to live in a fair life. each and every souls are so vulnerable with deep killing thoughts, murderously perilous than that we had in our dreams. our nightmares. your lurid.

people dont spread love anymore.

just hatred.

most of it.

human being.

you are just pathetic useless organisms that are living in the creation of God making fool and mocks of Him.

each telling yourselves lies that reborn in each industralized way of life you have been living underneath.

we are underneath.

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