Sunday, November 28, 2010


smile your biggest smile macik!
hers.i think she called it as Japanese noodle or something. i forgot
mine. It's Chicken Cordon Blue. mhm yummy!
thats azeem.

so i have met Nur Khairani Bt Mohd Hariri in Sunway Pyramid the other day. the last time we've met was in National Service. too bad she only had a week or so to be in there but it was nice to know that we have the same passion in paintings etc. so thank god i can meet her for another time cz i have been missing her for some times! we have to play bowling some more next time cz u always letting me win macik haha. and for the food u have suggested to me in Secret Recipe, thanks but i'll do my best to finish it up next time. i got bored too fast too soon before the food was even finished. so blame my hypereactive disease for it.. she drove me back all the way to University Malaya and that day felt so fast,i think we had a blast! x

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