Sunday, November 21, 2010

and another monday morning agony

during this monday is no ordinary monday morning like i always had before in my life,because iv updated my blog once again this morning. not much to talk about except for the fact that today's the first class for the opening 2nd semester. today is the day. today is the day i will know either i get into design or eitherwise. let us all pray that i get in. bored bored bored as hell as i woke up early today im not even sure why. blame the anxiousness and the curiousity for it or maybe because i slept early last night or maybe not. hmm
this is how i look like when im annoyed. that smirked on my face doesnt really tell you that im okay. i just want to fucking go home. haha
maybe you eat spinach for breakfast but besides pictures i eat T.R.I.X,the best cereals crunchie!
oh some leftover orange juice, want some?
my part time activity. finding the words out of these probably could give me some hint of what i should do in my life.
and i forgot, just letting you know, iv taken my MUET exam the other day back in old school. i was sorta all by myself without anyone that i knew but doesnt matter at least it was held back in sabah. anyway for those who doesnt know what's muet,it is the Malaysian University English Test that is compulsary for those who wants to get into Bachelor (Hons) level the next year. its part of the qualification. and how did i do in it? i did okay. i like the writing part. and the reading was utter tediousness. but its okay. lets hope that i'll get at least band 4 okay.


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