Sunday, November 21, 2010

i want this post to be as random as possible

i know right, its been like several months away since i was last at my previous post. what a gap. in order to keep this blog not as dead as it already is, im trying to fix my truant with some random pictures i've digged out from my picture folders.

according to dad, it has been 5 times now that i flew back and forth from sabah-kl and kl-sabah. thats alot since its only one way,means iv been 10 times in the flight if im not mistaken for two ways flight. yes i cannot disagree more if you want to say that it never be as good as living in your own place. which now i am pointing at my very own dog-shaped like state,sabah. well you probably asks why. thats because i have my family there for god sake! haha

yes maybe my house is not as big as Courtney Love's ass during red carpet or for that matter any other house in the Sillicon-land but my life's been pretty great when im at home. as you know, i have everyone that i wanted at home. my family. besides my phsycopatic cat, blackie. i feel so pity for my cute now-turns-to cat cz he seems so lonely without its already dead sister. sorry meow but you always have me. i know you're going to miss me cz i knew that when you came to me that morning i was about to leave sabah. i love you blackie.

right, before i turn into a phsycopath that lives with his cat for the rest of his life, i'll perhaps should talk about other things now.

well where should i start. okay fine, as you wish. ze UM!

its been fine considering now im done with my 1st semester! not much to talk though about my exams. first two days went so great up till came the third day of exams, im entirely exhausted so i was off from the game after that. to top that,i only answered 2 questions out of 7 in my physics! that doesnt count how i answered it either well or otherwise. nevermind cz all i want is to get into design as i always dream off. i mean, if its not bcse of the separation of design and non-design i wouldnt be in UM. let alone it is UM. okay i never really officialy talk about this seriously cz its always been playing around in my what-if thoughts behind my mind but yeah what if i dont get into design?

the answer isssss either i'll plan out to move back sabah or maybe i'll just continue to non-design. that's if it happen. if not, then thank god! move on to the next semester!

i just realize that we were up to 3 layers of clouds during in the plane. i was just so fascinated about it. thank god i have my camera with me.
you never let me down MH

oh this are few of the chosen paintings for the Karya Pilihan Tahunan 2010 final round! this is the open category entries
okay too lazy to find other caption so i'll just copy my fb caption, it says as "Say hello to my doubled girlfriend"
and oh yeah, my old samsung mp3 has officially damaged. at first i thought it was broken for good since the speaker are not functioning but its still worked up until it really damaged so i bought a new one! It's a new edition mp4 from Sony Ericsson. No intention to brag about this okay ehe
oh yes, introducing my two lovable human cockroaches, sayang faw and sayang feoney. i love them! we played bowling twice. i won the first game with 131 and feoney won the second game. im not sure whether faw is an atheletic type but she didnt won. perhaps because of the over excessive ting-nuinda remarks? haha. however, i had fun! and and and will definitely catch up with them when i get back in sabah on January. tunggu kamu syg
this is my best competitive rival, this painting is the Karya Pilihan Tahunan 2010 for Upper Secondary category. Painting entitled as "Bodu" by Caroline Bt Asan from Kudat,Sabah.
one of the painting hanged

they are AC, Amal and Amal's lil sister,i forgot her name. this was few days after the sem break. we went to The Curve and Ikea. Funnest!
Pa and Ma, aku rindu kamu. sayang kamu. sorry for everything. i will try to make everything here worthful and sensible as much as i can as both of you are in my life. love love love :(
for now,adios!

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