Sunday, November 21, 2010

works in progress

i dont promise anything about uploading my newest and latest works in progress but i feel like posting these not-yet-finish paintings. it all started when me and AC found the price of each of these blocks which not costy at all in Art Friend,The Garden, i grab a couple and exhanged it to her as i asked her to draw a portrait as i do a portrait of hers. but still not done yet cz iv been busy doing my parents portrait. perhaps i'll do it when i have spare times. although when i said that, no time really is available but i know i'll finish this somehow! hehe. and and please give me your truest and honest opinion. considering im not much of a Picasso or Da vinci so please dont be harsh on my artworks. im trying my best to make it as realistic and nice as i can. hehe. enjoy

god there's really something going on my dad's face. seesh

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