Saturday, May 29, 2010

Minggu Haluansiswa UM 2010

So the so called orientation day is finally over. I was expecting torturous and exhausting week but apparently it turns out to be fun. Especially when i knew that i got into some kind of groups of people performing for the closing night for Minggu Haluansiswa is even better in sound. Anyhow, like always of course the first few days i was in university malaya, its abit of a heartbreak because its been too much pressure to fit in with other geniuses and brainiacs but eventually, i manage to pull through the week with ease. moreover i found more friends than i expected, mostly semenanjung friends from different places and states. forlornly, only few sabahans were made it to um so its pretty frustrating when the population of your hometown people can only be counted by fingers. overall, the week is over.. what else can i say about it anyway and most importantly classes have already started so i just need to put my brain on academic syllabus and thats all. hopefully, my academic life would be advanced like everyone else here. insyaallah. btw, i have to dress like a peribumi-an during the night, so enjoy the photos. adios!

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