Wednesday, May 5, 2010

drop dead saliva

there was one evening mom came back from work and as you might expect, mommy always brought goodies from workplace. at first i wasn't surprise about what's on her hand but i saw a plastic swinging full of covered and boxed food. it wasn't much of a food, more like cakes. lots of them. no actually only three. then i quickly take every cake there were in the plastic and immediately i tried it and there is no other perfect time compared during that time because i was ravenous, famished, hungry, starrrvvinnggg. god oh lord, how amazing could it be that i just died with all of this savoriness of scrumptious delectable spongy cakes, it took me nearly to heaven when it first laid on my tasted bud. so i told mom that it taste like 5-star and mom glad im happy with it. recently I've found new obsession on food. real food or junkies, doesn't matter. like there was once in a mamak restaurant around lintas, I ate mee goreng mamak and tasted my sister's nasi briyani ayam goreng. staggeringly I actually finished everything. I've found my inner canibal in me. alas, it is just that i got hungry so fast yet full so fast as well. unfair. anyways, I'm off to more food-hunting.


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