Sunday, May 2, 2010

p a r a d i g m

this is my wishes. i have kept some sentiments in myself, holding for a long time that it plainly aching inside me. at first it is just ridiculous to even take a moment thinking about this but really its kinda inspirational. more or less, i think i grew up now. iv grown to a better person i guess. a different better person. i just could give some gratified thanks to few people that have been trying to ruined and screw my life off. really, this couldn't get anymore weirder and eerie. i know that it is not just me but in fact everyone has their one someones that hated or envious to us. i think this proportion of persons really one of the reasons why i can developed or changed.

although this is already absurd clunt things im talking about is pretty displeasing but iv always wanted to spilled this out. in some ways. any ways. im a man, i have no fear. more importantly, i have no one that i could marque as my adversary or enemy. or either i dont know any of them. but if its not because of these spiteful, little did i know they've helped me to prove to them and the world that i shouldn't be relinquish to myself and my life. worst thing is, i think i have no reason to think about this because i really proved them that i am better. so to anyone that is "inlove" detestation me or otherwise, think again you disgust the wrong person.

morph immature

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