Sunday, May 2, 2010

downhill dunhill

yet its another night of satisfactory and contentment. haven't heard of such wide fucking boredom nocturnal techniques of taking such breath-taking photographs could be this really chilling goosebumps reaction. feels like finally a volcano erupt with its gorgeous and dazzling lava volcanic emission. iv heard of new ways to upgrade, to reinventing my photography skills. i thought it was only some click of buttons in the editor would create conspicuous snaps, but no. i know it seems so out of season about photo-taking madness trend have been passed over last inclination but it doesn't work that way. this is almost like orgasm in the backseat. it is magical.

one thing i learn of course its not easy to take complex and multifarious shots let alone taking just simple-one-subject shot. i want more outing. more experiments. more trialling. it was inadequate. though iv attempted the new ways called,bokeh but still perceptibly im not good enough to take memorable moment shots. ley asked me to chill but its not the same sensation when you cant solve a linear equation but you still can work more on it, this is like, you hafta proficient in this in order to take your desired photographs. but more outing would help.


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