Monday, May 17, 2010


Oh my, I have to say. How much I have pull through so much of my energy and creativity as well as my time but I am finally finished my artwork. Its ready to be send to balai seni lukis sabah which I am sending it by myself just in a minute after posting this post. Anyhow, All those well wasted ticking seconds on the clock really paid off, I've been going back and forth asking for opinion and say about this and most of them giving me green lights about my painting. It is called "A Craftsmanship Of A Bajau Man's Undying Talent" as the big title and for the small title is "Intense Concentration". It shows that a Bajau man is carving a wood for lepa-lepa boat as their traditions for earning his living and his family. Other than that, this painting originally done by me and coached by my dear lau-xue, Ms Angie Shureena. Approximately this painting costs RM800+ but for me If it sold for 20$ is already enough. harhar. I've used water color as my medium. And hopefully I can win both regional and state level for this competition of Karya Pilihan Tahunan 2010 Negeri Sabah. Amin. Insyaallah.

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