Thursday, May 6, 2010

sunflower seeds for dinner and sunshine for breakfast

well its another post from photography outing with hellsley and the original old folk, vivien :) having blast time than before because got to learned more stuffs. but forlornly, i didnt get the chance to have my photoshop editor because ley misdiagnosed the software for me. it was in spanish, great. i wonder,how is the condition would've been after raining could be more interesting right. this is another reason that kept me from going to kl soon, it wouldn't be everyday amazing anymore to capture noteworthy shots. we all got our desired snaps last night, pretty wicked. either it was me was too fatigue last night or we've caught wonderful photos when we were in the tunnel. it was ghostlike. a phantom experience i never aspired to recapture. but not until my battery pack was running out of energy i stopped taking shots afterward. more photos will be uploaded but in altered posts. however enjoy.


vivien hellsley

faves of the night

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