Friday, May 7, 2010

University Malaya, KL

boulevard oh delilah. i have yet going to go through for another separation and severance with my most loved ones. my family. my friends. im leaving my hometown just in counted days to come. soon im about to step out to the real world, taking a step frontward as i will pursue my dreams in my study. i will be ongoing and enduring my educational part of my life to University Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. i barely felt excited or anything closer everytime i've said those words all in a sentence. By that means in Major of Architecture course there. everyone had long gone drowned with this big agenda but im telling about my random updates in my life now. im not sure either architecture is what im dreaming of. im not sure either this is what i wanted to do in my life. i ever once prepared an answer just in case if somewhat people would asked me about what is my ambition or anything cliche things like that. i ever dreamed on being a human race attorney in local law firm anywhere in malaysia. or not my recent new found obsession in mathematics, numbers, linears, equations have gave me an idea in being anywhere closer in the field like accountant or mathematicians. but i guess everything is all planned up already right.

on the good side of what i got is that im taking a course from a combination of two of my significance interest. art and maths. doesnt get any gnarliest than that. but thank god for giving me such opportunity, it's everything like i planned on my life blueprint. thanks to my beautiful parents that supported me like a very good enhancement tights that comforted our privates. hilarious. next my absolute downpour gratitude goes to my gorgeous family that has never been less than annoying to me. my spectacular friends that i could not list based on how bizillion uncounted amount of them. to anyone and everyone that knew me. thanks. wish me a good luck in there.


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