Friday, May 7, 2010

different venture in different world

although things are different in every ways. giving hard time on being to build up verdicts and last-calls. eventually ended up standing at the same spot where you left all exertion that was there on the first place. if you don't comprehend or understand what is the world means to you. then look through it with me and see how i look and see how the world means a whole lot to me. my lights were totally different. sometimes it gives me spirit, sometimes it tends to kick my ass to the pits of wreckage and desolation. but life isn't left to be defined because life is just another word for human existence to realize the circles of dark and bright holes breathed-perfect-organed creature god created,which is us. by all meaning, life is just another path for us to go through and have all memories bring along with us as our only precious treasures. life is meant to be walked on for us to give back what god had gave us. all the questions that always left being issued and questioned. full of perplexity and overtiredness. so think again.

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