Friday, June 4, 2010

getting used with this

today is almost fully the second week I'm here, been pretty busy with schedules and revision. been pretty busy with hang out in the middle of the night and eating with tonnes of fats and carbs and spent least the time with reading books. earlier when i came here i have determined to never put random things came into my brain and pretty much contaminate it but now thing's once again happens the other way around. surprisingly im homesick. missed my family especially now that they're preoccupied arranging and organizing my sister's reception event back in sabah. im sure they're missing my present there too since im the light of the house. as much fun as i had here, with so many friends, so many that i kinda forgot some of their names, funny. as much freedom i had that i never have before. as much as i feel like this is the real world that i want to live in but i still feel the emptiness around me. seriously. kinda upsetting when i put it this way but this is what pretty much going on in me now. personalities and attitudes started to shone in each and every individuals here, im getting used with people with fake masked faced but thank heaven i haven't stumbled or clashed with any of these kinda people.

anyways, been babbling about shits around me, lets talk about the main reason i came here. my study. it's been a week already that the classes started, im taking general physic and chemistry 1 , geometry and trigo, environmental studies, graphic communication, microeconomics, and art for my first semester. and for my second semester will be divided into different segregated courses such as architectural, quantity surveying, building surveying or real estate management. from the reference book, i've been noticed that the only way for me to get a chance taking architecture course in semester 2 is getting a 4.00 CGPA. i wont promise to myself for anything that's going to happen but i can be sure that i will do my hardest and work triple more harder to get into that phase. insyaallah.

feeling safe a bit here since i've found few of sabahan's community. they're totally blew my stomach the hell out of me. gives me a chilling tickling feeling everytime im surrounded by these good people.

oh my room? its big, i guess but smaller than my room back in sabah but still big enough for me alone though. going ahead with books, i've bought several text books. i heard that my course doesn't really need a book because notes will be given by lecturers but just tryna feel safe.

i can say that the food here is ate-able, not harmful but yet still can fill my growling starved empty tummy every-time im hungry.

all in all, i would give thumbs up with everything here because so far i still couldn't see the bad side of the place. and hopefully i wont. today i'll be going to unikl with other sabahan friends, we've been planning to go out to town today but since some of us is going somewhere else, its better for us to go all together. atleast it's free transportation after all. for now, this is the only few updates i can give. think there will be lots more so i'll keep my blog posted. i hope families doing fine back there, i missed you people. im doing fine here don't worry,take care ya'll. adios!

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