Sunday, June 20, 2010

A & W

due to the exceedingly overwhelming of desperation, instead of going to the library, we decided to plan out to study off-campus to somewhere. somewhere as long as it is not in the college! so pangiran's got an idea to study in.....A & W, couldnt be anyway better than that place. iv been dreaming from all those wasted years after a&w officially closed for good back in sabah. but now worry no more cz a&w shall be a place to-go if i have nothing left to be done except paper-works. AND most importantly, although not everyone of us could join but it's still fun & & & delightful! For my tongue to slowly savor each second of indulgence in these motherfuckers would be possible now due to the availability of the restaurant found here in kl. so, now i will not leave only to my eyes to devour them as i can eat them anytime i want! yummy!

the ice-cream is paradising!

an attempt to get pangiran's shot once again failed as he is one slick guy when it comes about photographing himself. he hates his photo to be taken & now i know what i will love to do the most!...

...but holy cow! his dirty little secrets are REVEALED!

another camwhore hater, dayang! attempting to take her photos alone is hard!

...but due to my professionalism of persuading her, HER PHOTO!

last but not least! camwhores finally! VIVIENE & SYAFIQ

..then we're off to Amcorp Mall which was closed so we went back using lrt and the rest is history. xo

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