Saturday, June 19, 2010

sunday morning fux

baby you're my hot tamale!

idk how times can camouflage itself from being seen by our naked eyes but it is sure fast. i was relieved that i have not much class compared to my friends in different courses let alone now i have less works to do. fun no more cause now im getting bored and tired of my course as there is a class on Saturday. it is architectural drawing class.

yesterday as our class started, we've been given a task to do a sketch about linear or rectilinear lines. pretty excited when i have all this nice ideas in my head and more importantly i got to express them through my drafting. not until, the part when i have to start sketching. everything, let me repeat EVERYTHING went wrong. actually we have to make four different pieces in an a4 paper & the sketches should be interconnecting with each other and we were only allowed to use ball pens or art pens or pencils to do the sketch. but from the composition, to the tone of the color, to the concept of my original ideas, and everything including making that sketch make sense, screwed off. my friends were having difficulties too as they weren't able to spurt their ideas into drawing but mine is different. totally diverse. iv been thinking that am i loosing my ability to draw? or it is just i was too hungry at that time because i didn't have a proper breakfast? what is it!

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