Wednesday, June 16, 2010


so ive lost counted the days iv been here in pasum. waiting with more days to come as time killed with mawkish and maudlin feelings all mixed up together like well balanced dietary salad. im on my way to read all the books iv bought as references, atleast thats what i told to myself everytime i feel guilty to my own self as iv been using all my time with absolute shits. somewhat deep within my mind now is asking a question, will i ever be contemplate to my study as i used to be before or will all this ticklish and problematic disturbance will caught my way on to the supposed approach i should go.

i found chemistry is interesting, my way of prejudicing the course had narrowed my pointless interpretation to a better phase. alhamdulillah. so far it still dont force me to pressurizing myself with strain.

but i found environmental studies quite hard, more tricky or can i say futile or inane because it kept on going in the same circles of topic as it discussed how earth sustain its life or whatsoever. total boredom much. and to put another reason, i couldnt even understand what the lecturer said or thought us about it as she struggle herself to pronounce the words correctly. seriously, i dont understand what she said.

maths is fun! as i expected it would be amaze-balls as i learned more about it. cant wait to explore deeper!

as the rest of the courses, they're still not up to my scrutiny as others dont bore me nor excites me.

i just feel like eating cake right now. but then its not fun eating cake all alone

be flying back sabah on friday next week! cant wait (:

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