Sunday, June 13, 2010

when you left me in total dominance

this is my assignment for graphic communication course. i have to observe and sketch through my motor drawing techniques so it came straight through my mind and my eyes. this is a plant that i zoomed and sketch somewhere near the faculty. i think its not that nice.


ever since i stopped painting and coloring the last time i did my artwork i feel im in despondency and hopelessness, i can feel like something is going wrong from the system. now, since my dormant aptitude has been sleeping long enough as waiting for the sun to stop shining some part of the world, i had another valuable opportunity for me to regain all those missing steps i left after i stopped being in contact with my artistic ability. im glad now i can start drawing again. i can start using partial of my brain not just to think but to live like the norm as i used to be. haggling myself with the lowest concession of my priceless endowment. although, its been hard at times to live with your own self with nobody's around to facilitate you out with things but what motivate you the most is the least favorable stuffs you would want to think. like people around you started to hated you with preposterous reasons or like how people treated you differently not like what you've expected. im happy now just to be clear-cut with the reality, but what i feel is what i observe through my surrounding situation. hoping that everything is going to go as horizontal or as smooth as it can be so i can live in with another absurd and in an unthinkable heaven somewhere within. x

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