Tuesday, November 30, 2010

to live your life,does not mean you have to party hard or being an alcoholic.. or maybe you can

so today is Tuesday which is yet another day of going to the faculty. basically we did went to faculty in the previous weeks so it wasnt much a surprise to have our classes attended there with Miss Anum.

so the impression i gave towards finding myself within the Art class today was quite unusually perplexing. i mean,i have been waiting for my life to attend this class and already feeling lost hope and giving up,the first day has been accelerated so much phases with pressure.

we had to drew some simple sketches based on our observation. so in the Lecture hall we gotta sketch out few illustrations of a stapler or a knife from different angles. i have to say, i hate whoever invented that thing. makes my life miserable!

next was in Exhibition Hall A when we all has given a task to drew out some sketches of chairs. i did find my way of drawing was completely difficult considering i didnt followed the supposed rules with the boxes and everything,so i could live with the fact that i was wrong not that i have suddenly lost my talent.

and perhaps now that i am partially prepared with the dont-take-granted-for-art situation, i might as well will do some more sketchings to improve more and do less procrastination.

most importantly maybe tonight i'll be spending sometime alone with my lecture notes or maybe do some more drawings or maybe watch a movie or maybe just do it all tonight as guiding myself to be an efficient person! well this has been a bit formal in a way but whatever. lets live the life without alcohol and some more TRIXes! haha

Monday, November 29, 2010

dont think about it

"A man that born with talent and passion like you will always have a chance"-came from my good friend,Paul Nickson

standard lens

lightings we found in The Garden, Midvalley. looks like the bokeh lightings are falling. so breath-taking. catch it catch it
i captured this
and ac captured this one

Sunday, November 28, 2010


smile your biggest smile macik!
hers.i think she called it as Japanese noodle or something. i forgot
mine. It's Chicken Cordon Blue. mhm yummy!
thats azeem.

so i have met Nur Khairani Bt Mohd Hariri in Sunway Pyramid the other day. the last time we've met was in National Service. too bad she only had a week or so to be in there but it was nice to know that we have the same passion in paintings etc. so thank god i can meet her for another time cz i have been missing her for some times! we have to play bowling some more next time cz u always letting me win macik haha. and for the food u have suggested to me in Secret Recipe, thanks but i'll do my best to finish it up next time. i got bored too fast too soon before the food was even finished. so blame my hypereactive disease for it.. she drove me back all the way to University Malaya and that day felt so fast,i think we had a blast! x

lets celebrate positivity

let us pamper ourselves by looking at this gorgeous after taste image that i have taken last night in cafe. for your answer, yes i have finished painted AC's portrait and it is basically felt like pure satisfaction similarly like having your Teh ais. i took all the time i had on sunday filling my content feeling by doing this recreation. yet another successful work. and i have done this using Soft pastel,me and Ac bought in Sunway last Saturday. while it might not look like one of those from a Da Vincci's work but it felt so good after knowing at least i have something so valuable to keep. soo..
these are my new next assignment!

the dearth or nonexistence of yours can sometimes be cosset by a rĂªve that has once proposed you with its intermittent

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Science of Sleep

This is just so disturbing. so if it wouldnt be awakening to me that much,probably i wont have this post. its stated as 2.49 am in my laptop timer but i said its just some numbers represent the power of day and night that would offer us in each ticking seconds with its brilliant intricate images morphing from reverie of idealism into veracity.

yes. i am disturbed. its just the amount of force of negativity surrounds me stops me from going anywhere. people smile their fake smiles. people talk their dirty talks. but some said,it was just some murmuring voices crawling onto you. creepling to your suppression. from what you once called your initiation.

i just have the feelings. the feelings. the sense. the sense of uncomfortableness. the uncomfortableness. that makes me feel like i am being at my contradictory.

i cant do happy songs anymore. im just saying. and yes people do discriminate people. nobody's ever going to live in a fair life. each and every souls are so vulnerable with deep killing thoughts, murderously perilous than that we had in our dreams. our nightmares. your lurid.

people dont spread love anymore.

just hatred.

most of it.

human being.

you are just pathetic useless organisms that are living in the creation of God making fool and mocks of Him.

each telling yourselves lies that reborn in each industralized way of life you have been living underneath.

we are underneath.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

douleur et le chagrin

go back and sleep. you're just dreaming. whispering whispering whispering

say what?

So basically..
here how it goes..
read my lips..
firstly thank god, my parents, to my friends, huda, nik that gave us that much of exposure and advices and everybody that has expected me getting into design. here you go people for the thumb's up!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

earth as sphere

look at what have AC made, i stole this. she didnt make one for me ): haha

Sunday, November 21, 2010

and another monday morning agony

during this monday is no ordinary monday morning like i always had before in my life,because iv updated my blog once again this morning. not much to talk about except for the fact that today's the first class for the opening 2nd semester. today is the day. today is the day i will know either i get into design or eitherwise. let us all pray that i get in. bored bored bored as hell as i woke up early today im not even sure why. blame the anxiousness and the curiousity for it or maybe because i slept early last night or maybe not. hmm
this is how i look like when im annoyed. that smirked on my face doesnt really tell you that im okay. i just want to fucking go home. haha
maybe you eat spinach for breakfast but besides pictures i eat T.R.I.X,the best cereals crunchie!
oh some leftover orange juice, want some?
my part time activity. finding the words out of these probably could give me some hint of what i should do in my life.
and i forgot, just letting you know, iv taken my MUET exam the other day back in old school. i was sorta all by myself without anyone that i knew but doesnt matter at least it was held back in sabah. anyway for those who doesnt know what's muet,it is the Malaysian University English Test that is compulsary for those who wants to get into Bachelor (Hons) level the next year. its part of the qualification. and how did i do in it? i did okay. i like the writing part. and the reading was utter tediousness. but its okay. lets hope that i'll get at least band 4 okay.


works in progress

i dont promise anything about uploading my newest and latest works in progress but i feel like posting these not-yet-finish paintings. it all started when me and AC found the price of each of these blocks which not costy at all in Art Friend,The Garden, i grab a couple and exhanged it to her as i asked her to draw a portrait as i do a portrait of hers. but still not done yet cz iv been busy doing my parents portrait. perhaps i'll do it when i have spare times. although when i said that, no time really is available but i know i'll finish this somehow! hehe. and and please give me your truest and honest opinion. considering im not much of a Picasso or Da vinci so please dont be harsh on my artworks. im trying my best to make it as realistic and nice as i can. hehe. enjoy

god there's really something going on my dad's face. seesh

a girl that born from the lens

meet my new found good friend all the way from Singapore, holy land i would do anything just to go there! her name is Ladanse Nadine. met her in facebook. one of the photography enthusiast. she makes me feel like blogging again. thanks hehe. hello im your big fan of your creations! :)

trying to forget the past and sleep in sleep in sleep in

lets now talk about my new romoured soulmate/s. well i just feel like i need to have more entries to make it up to my blog since i didnt update my blog hell long, long enough for me to have my 1st semester's finished. fuhh what a lazy ass. well before that, i need to apologise bcse this might be one the few days that im sooo into updating my blog but im not sure days to come. will keep up this over flowing inspirations. talk about inspirations. i want you people to know here are the few persons i would call as friends. true visionary and missionary, they are undoubtedly smart as much as their appearances are. always being so supportive, appreciative about life. not to mention knowing almost everything, i can almost ask everything and get my answers. but mostly about studies though haha. thank you for being not much of pain in the ass guys.

as you know, finding friends are like searching on Manhunt without having much of gay guys in the contest or finding a needle in the haystack. i'll say, lets go through 2nd sem together guys and enter Architecure as one the few lucky ones back in UM togetha! love love love a thousand loves.
this is maisarah, dia ada boyfriend nama dia chal haha
bringing in my most most craziest and ever so amusing doll i have ever met in my life. my long lost siamese twins,ONEY BENONEY!

and last but not least, Siti Aisyah Rosni. she's talented. and when i mentioned talented means she is the fucking most talented woman iv ever met. she's always be the go-to girl if any about anything.
xo loves

i want this post to be as random as possible

i know right, its been like several months away since i was last at my previous post. what a gap. in order to keep this blog not as dead as it already is, im trying to fix my truant with some random pictures i've digged out from my picture folders.

according to dad, it has been 5 times now that i flew back and forth from sabah-kl and kl-sabah. thats alot since its only one way,means iv been 10 times in the flight if im not mistaken for two ways flight. yes i cannot disagree more if you want to say that it never be as good as living in your own place. which now i am pointing at my very own dog-shaped like state,sabah. well you probably asks why. thats because i have my family there for god sake! haha

yes maybe my house is not as big as Courtney Love's ass during red carpet or for that matter any other house in the Sillicon-land but my life's been pretty great when im at home. as you know, i have everyone that i wanted at home. my family. besides my phsycopatic cat, blackie. i feel so pity for my cute now-turns-to cat cz he seems so lonely without its already dead sister. sorry meow but you always have me. i know you're going to miss me cz i knew that when you came to me that morning i was about to leave sabah. i love you blackie.

right, before i turn into a phsycopath that lives with his cat for the rest of his life, i'll perhaps should talk about other things now.

well where should i start. okay fine, as you wish. ze UM!

its been fine considering now im done with my 1st semester! not much to talk though about my exams. first two days went so great up till came the third day of exams, im entirely exhausted so i was off from the game after that. to top that,i only answered 2 questions out of 7 in my physics! that doesnt count how i answered it either well or otherwise. nevermind cz all i want is to get into design as i always dream off. i mean, if its not bcse of the separation of design and non-design i wouldnt be in UM. let alone it is UM. okay i never really officialy talk about this seriously cz its always been playing around in my what-if thoughts behind my mind but yeah what if i dont get into design?

the answer isssss either i'll plan out to move back sabah or maybe i'll just continue to non-design. that's if it happen. if not, then thank god! move on to the next semester!

i just realize that we were up to 3 layers of clouds during in the plane. i was just so fascinated about it. thank god i have my camera with me.
you never let me down MH

oh this are few of the chosen paintings for the Karya Pilihan Tahunan 2010 final round! this is the open category entries
okay too lazy to find other caption so i'll just copy my fb caption, it says as "Say hello to my doubled girlfriend"
and oh yeah, my old samsung mp3 has officially damaged. at first i thought it was broken for good since the speaker are not functioning but its still worked up until it really damaged so i bought a new one! It's a new edition mp4 from Sony Ericsson. No intention to brag about this okay ehe
oh yes, introducing my two lovable human cockroaches, sayang faw and sayang feoney. i love them! we played bowling twice. i won the first game with 131 and feoney won the second game. im not sure whether faw is an atheletic type but she didnt won. perhaps because of the over excessive ting-nuinda remarks? haha. however, i had fun! and and and will definitely catch up with them when i get back in sabah on January. tunggu kamu syg
this is my best competitive rival, this painting is the Karya Pilihan Tahunan 2010 for Upper Secondary category. Painting entitled as "Bodu" by Caroline Bt Asan from Kudat,Sabah.
one of the painting hanged

they are AC, Amal and Amal's lil sister,i forgot her name. this was few days after the sem break. we went to The Curve and Ikea. Funnest!
Pa and Ma, aku rindu kamu. sayang kamu. sorry for everything. i will try to make everything here worthful and sensible as much as i can as both of you are in my life. love love love :(
for now,adios!