Tuesday, February 16, 2010

move over shakespeare, im beating you off

this is a special post. i would want to post about a poem that i have made special for my girl, anis. its not that im saving money but when your a mile apart between you and your spouse and mobile phones are the only weapons to use to save your relationship, poem and sing a song is the only thing your could give to her during the special day. so i want you guys to read it, and enjoy and please dont copy:)

We give on this day candy and flowers,
But we never stop to say thank you for the many hours,
You have stood by my side and gave a smile,
As if to tell our hearts its been worth every mile.
No need to buy a teddy bear or even a card,
Its pretty simple and not at all hard.
Just put your arms around me and hold me tight,
And say without words that in your heart all is right,
You may say i love you throughout the year,
But on this day you need to make sure.
The words so sweet and straight from your heart,
That your life would be lonely without my part,
So put forth the effort and take the time,
Look me in the eyes and say im glad your mine.
From the worlds worst boyfriend,

Monday, February 15, 2010

My eldest sister's wedding event last dec

So these are all the latest creation from me. The photos are taken during my eldest sister's, hartini wedding ceremony on dec,24th 2009 with her spouse,harmidi:) few locations such as at our house, abg midi's house and also in the sesb hall also took place. i purposely uploaded these pictures because its my favorite to take photos in black & white. so this are pretty much one of my best construction so far in my photography leisure pursuit. enjoy:)

okay this is my other valentine's :)

the best thing you could ever have in your life is when you knew that there is someone out there is still loving you and care about you just the way you should be commit to memory. i am known to people of how i am all crazy about my friends and to be honest, there is nothing else i could ever say when it comes about them. love is no longer a word. a huge gratitude wont repay their good deeds. you were treated like a human being by them. you were heed by them like you're their little baby. most unimaginable thing is that they actually have linked a magical relationship with you without even discerning it. but for now, me and these miraculous populace are alienated by distance and detachment. as if like destiny were playing games on me now. yet enjoy my pure praises i would reward to them.

Banz. yes, this is thee guy that couldn't stop making me laugh. yes i know, this is already weird and peculiar from the top but this is the only way to immortalize them in my mind. with his exasperating and aggravating manner, nobody could stands to not blew their tummy off when he tell the shaggy dog story. the way he ate, he talked, he walked, he "shuffled" out in the public, the way he laughed, the only way you could escape from blowing you chortle off is ran away from him. the worst part about him is probably he is the most memorable ones back in camp. its hard enough to forget good people that you knew in a short period, how else can you forget someone that you love that you only knew in a short period.

Aizat. yeap i found one of my look-alike faces out of seven in this world. the search is still on. i know this is such a chestnut to talk about your friends in a repulsive way but i couldn't help it:) he too actually gave me the smile that i never had before. the smile that i had an ear-to-ear wide. candidly i would say that he is the only person that i could trust to there, not a good way to give people an impression about the camp but yes, that is just the legitimacy. thanks for everything bro:)
Acad. my other good friend. i gesture him for so many reasons. first, to make a comparison he taught me so many things about islam. things that i never knew before is now had become part of my habitual everyday. thanks to him.
from left: banz, abg isz, acad, aizat

from left: acad, aizat, banz, hong
thanks for everything guys, appreciate it

Sunday, February 14, 2010

feeling a little despair on valentine's day

so today was supposed to be valentine's day. the day that somewhat every single couple in the world would celebrate and tied their relationship even closer and much more intimate? yeap, that day and yet here i am, sitting.. wondering.. imagining.. daydreaming about how is it like actually to celebrate the real v-day with your spouse. i wouldn't call it thee most blissful day because to be forthright, this supposed to be a special day had turned into some kind of ordinary day to me. i am so melodramatic.

even though, yes i did wished her valentine's day but i felt something is wrong. so completely of the socket. i felt like im doing it in an erroneous way. i should do it better. i felt like wishing to her isnt enough to show my feelings.

i called her exactly after midnight last night. we talked like usual. laughed like we normally do. but i didnt feel right. maybe the whole talking-to-a-person-through-the-phone-isnt-going-to-make-your-day is actually make sense. after we finished talking, i hung up. stopped myself from doing anything for a split seconds. then tears once again humming down my face. i seriously didnt even know where that came from. i wasnt sad or depressed or tensed. maybe i just committed the worst case criminal you would ever picture on a v-day.

rule #2: dont ever wish to your spouse in a special day through the phone. it sucks.

i felt sorry to her to be with me. to be like together together. i dont want her to feel distant from me, thats the last thing i would want a girl felt to me. i want to treat her just the way she deserved. by talking to her through the phone everyday definitely makes my day but didnt meet her and done it the right way is just so feeble, pitiable, pathetic. im a jerk. im a douchebag.

im sorry baby if you have to feel that way. im really sorry.

im trying to make our first v-day the most special one.

i guess it is the most unique one since im the only boyfriend in the world that only wished his girl via phone. that's somewhat i called not appropriate. if only i have the power of a rich man. i would spend every single penny i have just to be with you. with my girl. stays with you. talked with you the whole day.

i gave her a present after i left camp. i posted her using poslaju, i sent her the gift. she did tell me about how crazy she was to edward cullen, so i gave her a present. a twilight book. another thing that we have in common. another thing that brought us together.

the coolest part of all, she said "you're my edward" to me. that will not be any better than that.

anything else in my mind?

yes. of course. im a guy that never stops thinking. always burst with ideas and opinion. im so eerie to be exact.

i am so sad because on the most exceptional day of any other day in a year i dont have the chance to hug or kissed her to symbolize my love to her. i know that might sounded yucky but when i love someone, that doesnt even matter. i love my lil baby girl. she's my kristen stewart man. she rocked my world. making sacrifices for her is the only thing i could do for her now, since we're no longer available to see each other everyday anymore. distance had separate us. stupid distance. dont worry baby, i will try to never ever stop loving you. and you're always be cute to me even though you're bigger than me individuals. you're my sumo.

happy valentine's day anis. im sorry. i love you.
-efendi 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Incidents that i had in camp

So as long as i stil have the memories about the camp, i will never stop talking about it:)

one evening when we got our phones, it was friday if im not mistaken. we were not allowed to used phones during weekdays so our phones will only be given back on friday if luck is on us that day:) even you have like not-so-fancy phone you brought to camp but it will become your most precious possesions you would have there. so the story continues with these scenes. nothing unusual that we all getting rushed up around 5pm to take bath and stuffs because we have to go down back in 5.15pm sharp. so the rushed moments was hyperventilating:) you wouldnt have the chance to even get yourself with serious bath, the only matter is that you have taken bath thats all. so when i was on my way to the toilet, without bothering anything else happening around me.the only sound that filled the air was the clicking sound of the phone keypad everywhere.it was musical,almost. i was planning to take bath. successfully i get another full and clean bathe that day because i was fast enough to get in.. it was hectic in the toilet.

as i put my things up on the flushers, well my other things.. my clothes and my phone.. i wasnt realize that my clothes were up on top of my phone so when i finish take a bath i pull my clothes down to put it on and my phone suddenly fell off from the flusher and plunged into the small basin i filled with water.. there goes my motorola L7, drowning.. haha.. i was shocked, speechless that i was to the point that i couldnt move myself, numbed and unable to do anything.. the worst part is that there was bubbles when it fell in the basin.. then by the minute i realize, i quickly take my phone out from the basin.. with goosebumps all around my body, i was in serious stunned.

i didnt tell my friend at first, so i just acted normal as if nothing really happens. im sucha fool:) and finally i told my friend,aizat. he was surprised i guess but he too couldnt do pretty much anything. so when we arrived in dewan makan, i asked my friend azmi to go call my dad in the public phone.i was so devastated, my lips turned from reddish colour to a bluish purple colour. completely clueless how to tell my dad the real story.

i told to myself,"lying fendi? i think that would be the only option now."

inhale. exhale. inhale. exhale.

someone's answering.

"effie? knp kau?" someone asked sounded like my dad.

"yeah, dad i have something.. a problem.. big one.. i need you to do me a favor.." i replied.

"what now effie? first the ticket, then eja's trip down there all the wayfrom johor, what now?" sounded angry, but worried from the tone, i can tell:)

"i dropped my phone in a small basin full of water. im sorry." tears whining down my face, feeling guilty.. at the same time,didnt even noticed that azmi was watching me with care and sympathy, tapping my shoulder and said,"sabarr sabaarr"

"oh god, how could that happen? alamak, ahmmmm..well let me see.. its ok its ok..we'll get u a new one ok. are you crying?" my dad said.

"yeah, im sorry dad. didnt mean to" i whooshed down.

"(telling him the truth)" i talked to him.

"its ok effie, dad will get you a new one ok. be patient. call us back later ok, dont worry" my dad refuse to be angry though i knew he is in much rage.

(hung up)

"thanks azmi,sorry klo aku nyusahkan ko. thanks" i said to azmi.

"takpe la, dah dah.saba je..mungkin ade hikmah di sebaliknye ok.. dah,jom mkn"azmi replied.

"takpe ah,aku pg tandas kejap"

there i goes, another moments of regret in the toilet. spent almost 15 minutes there, crying or something close to it..then i went to surau with despair.

back in dorm later that same evening, all my friends were trying to help me to get my phone fixed and thank god some of these great ppl learned engineering at sch so they knew all this technical stuffs. im glad. happy almost:) they took all part of my phone, without any doubt. i let them do their job while im helping them at that time. after few days, it was Sunday i guess, my phone finally worked up after its been dried. not as brand new as before though but fair enough. thanks to everyone that fixed my phone. i got the chance to called my parents. they bought me a new phone when i came back here, wee! thanks ok guys:)

a little memories that i couldnt get out from my mind

forlornly to say that the last day i was there was the performance day for the closure for kenegaraan modul. iv missed the keenan show where he sang his song that he made it by himself. will missed the moments guys:) i love you all

from left: panjang, fahmi, acad, aizat aslam
okay,i want you to meet my banz. he eats a lot and he sulks like a lil bitch:) but he's the man! haha
anis in full loreng
from left: rafique, jerry, findi, muk, ayep, suhardi(bottom). sabah ba!
ok that wasnt the real image you wana see in our dorm, we are thee best dorm there okay. from left: muk, fahmi, amin, faiz
okay this is aizat with dslr camera :)
my baby girl with ketue ajt, kak nesya
delta rovers! thee magifico flying folks. i will missed this part of the camp
the cute little damira with junkies. behind that as u can see is the best shopping mall, the "giant" :D
my bro keenan with adi setan
from left to right: os, din, INBA (DEYHH!), banz, eamy. bottom from left: sabok, adi, ejoy
oh god! this was the day they were on duties
the day i was leaving, like 5 minutes after i left they had this performance together. i was gone by this time
while they were on duties
chicken dance much? keenan with the strap on the shoulder
from left: keenan, me, skinchan

okay like the most trustworthy people i could ever met, from left: aizat, me, banz
keenan with his guitar, thats his girlfriend btw
oh banz!

from left: kak eim, george, ong, keenan

near to the tempat sidai kain. fahmi & OC nabil
i can still see my bag on the table, i was missing. btw this is the delta's territories

my sister, eja when she visited me during family-day on sunday. thanks eja!

So where were we?

Asalamualaikum and hello everyone,
so i guess that blogging really is my thing. i haven't write anything about my stance ever since i was back from camp.

Feb, 5th 2010 was the saddest day for me. it was horrible to say that im actually excluded from the national service. i was chosen to be in the setia ikhlas plkn camp, semenyih, selangor. yes, it is too fast and too soon to leave that place. when i got myself for the first few days back there,i was thinking that im actually torturing and tormenting myself with the routine's they have in the camp.

i couldnt take it at first. i was suffocating for a moment of rest for 5 minutes, top. a good rest was just what i need there since the activities were too much and too hardcore.

that wasnt the worst part.

the worst part is yet coming.

up until i was essentially unify and intermingle with the stuffs happening in camp, that all those heavy training aint a problems anymore. busy with obligations of my own in camp,i unfortunately feel myself like im at home:) my first home back in sabah had just become my second home, and what supposed to be my second home just became the first.

everyday i woke up with glee's, happy to be alive because i could not believe myself that i actually could go through the rough days with ease. why? probably because of my friends. my beautiful friends in fact. one thing that i was amazed with this accessible and sociable programme is they brought everyone together. like literally. as you people know im not so much of someone that could go to your place and make impractical jokes. im more like the "silence" one. i would rather be with someone that i knew rather than try to be at everyone's business. but there, in camp! i dont know? i just felt like i became the real me.

my friends were so supportive that sadly i cant remember a thing about what i have in sabah, my family that is. painful to say that all those nice and implausible individuals are going to be missed from me. im back here, what else i can say. im gone from the camp for good.

again i wana talk about my friends there. .

everytime i remember them in my thoughts, tears would definitely purring down. like one of my friends, keenan said, "dont cry! be a man woman!" haha. will never forget all those moments. maybe in about some periods i would eventually forget them. slowly get rid out from my mind. but that time is not here yet. i still memorize every single thing in camp.

the dorm :)

the unbelievably undesirable toilet :)

the foods :)

the water-cooler :)

the delta's table :)

the trays :)

the people :)

the laughter :)

the joy :)

the "giant" (the only place i could shop there) :)

the surau :)

the anis :)


im happy to say that no matter what happen, all those engaging memories will always be in my mind.

maybe some of you read this post and said that im a little over dramatic about the national service and stuffs. but dont be like me everyone, iv been there. to that state of affairs where iv judged the book by its cover. i thought this national service thing was wasting my time. my precious time. yet actually, it filled my instance with sooo many new experiences.

to top that of, i met a girl. her name's anis. we've been doing great. i missed the moments we would actually sneaked around from all the teachers to just meet up. in camp we have sort of a separation between wira's and wirawati's. so quietly we tiptoed around and assemble. so cliche, so like other love stories. she caught my eyes. iv fallen at first sight :) frankly, i could probably describe her with 10 miles long of page.. she got whatever i want in my dream girl. i finally found you.

okay, lets talk about camp. again:)

i didnt met just a girl. i also met thee most lovable and hug-able people in my life. my friends that is. they enlighten my day. if i have the memory of my laptop that i could remember all their name, i will definitely list them but sorry i couldnt remember all of you:( you guys were too many like a group of militarist armies. if only i have the wealth of gill bates and the influential power of trump and the authority of obama, i will give you guys each a big hug and a porsche 911 turbo and visit you guys for the last time.

so to enclosure this post, the very first post that is. im back everyone! im starting to write again:) and to everyone back in camp, i missed you guys. i really do. nothing in the world could describe my feelings of grateful that i have met you guys. im serious to say that all the month and more of period felt like only a day. i have learned something. learned a pretty much what we called a lesson.

again, i missed you people in camp setia ikhlas *blow kisses* and i love you guys. thanks for everything :)